Our own fleet of city fuel trucks gives us the opportunity to deliver large batches of products

The shopping mall realizes the transportation of petroleum products throughout Ukraine, as well as to the CIS countries. The company has its own vehicle fleet. Fast, high quality and reliable!

This allows us to provide our clients with transportation services for various types of light oil products:

diesel fuel, gasoline, diesel fuel, fuels and lubricants, kerosene and much more.
The company also transports bitumen, fuel oil, engine oil.

Working with us, you can be absolutely sure that your order will be delivered on time and in strict observance of all safety rules.

Having vast experience in the field of organizing the transportation of petroleum products, we will help to determine the most optimal route and select the most favorable transportation conditions.

Delivery is carried out by specialized transport. We are focused on long-term cooperation, therefore we guarantee a flexible approach to the needs of each client.

For transportation, specially equipped tanks - bitumen carriers are used. This allows you to maintain the optimal temperature of dark oil products, which is very important during their transportation.