Petroleum products

Diesel EURO 5, Gasoline AI-92/95

The most basic and IMPORTANT thing is that we are interested in so that cooperation with our clients is permanent.

Working without the intervention of intermediaries allows us to keep prices at the lowest level !!!
We offer delivery of diesel, gasoline, oil, liquefied gas, ethanol and other petroleum products at affordable prices to any region of Ukraine. We carefully control and check each batch. We offer our customers a quality product that meets international standards and requirements.
TPK sells petroleum products produced by Belarusian and European refineries. Our company plans to start selling domestic fuel after the transition of Ukrainian oil refineries to Euro 5 environmental standards.

Features of euro fuel in comparison with domestic products:

The content of benzene, which is a toxic and strong solvent, is five times less;

Half the concentration of actual resins, which affect engine wear and sludge formation;

Five times less sulfur, which over time leads to corrosion of parts.


The main difference between the fuel of the European standard is the low fuel consumption of your car and more stringent requirements for the degree of fuel purification from particles that pollute the environment.


Euro diesel fuel also has significant advantages - it is the minimum content of sulfur and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, a stable indicator of the cytane number, and resistance to low temperatures.